Zambia RWI


This contracted assignment with the Zambia Bureau of Standards involves the conducting of pre- export road worthiness inspection of used motor vehicles from Japan, UK, Singapore, Dubai and other Global origins, destined for use within the Republic of Zambia.
This enables only roadworthy and environmentally friendly vehicles to enter the country, thereby ensuring that Zambia does not become a dumping ground for poor quality used vehicles.
Right-hand drive vehicles are allowed into Zambia. While there is currently no age restriction for used vehicles imported into Zambia, a pre-shipment roadworthiness inspection is required for all imports.

Zambia Inspection Requirements and Country Regulations

 Required documents for applications (one of the following)
  • Vehicle inspection certificate (shakensho) copy OK
  • Temporary cancellation registration certificate (ichiji masho) copy OK
  • Export certificate (massho) copy OK
 Timing of CoC issuance
  • Can be downloaded within 3 working days after inspection passed
  • (This applies to Clients who have registered for e-Cert Portal access)
  • Otherwise e-Certificates will be emailed to Exporter
 Expiration Date of the Certificate
  • Valid for 90 days from the date of inspection pass
  • Based on arrival date into Zambia
 Period during which re-inspection is free
  • Within 14 (calendar) days from the date of the first inspection.
  • (Please note these are not business days)
  • (e.g. vehicle fails inspection on 5/01/2023 should be re-inspected by 19/01/2023)
 Availability of on arrival inspection
  • Available (however not recommended)
  • Inspection fee of $140.00 plus a penalty based on CIF value applies
  • If vehicle does not pass the on-arrival inspection, must be removed at Importers cost
 Export regulations
  • No vehicle age limit
  • RHD and LHD vehicles OK
  • Odometer tampering is not allowed
 Cost of Inspection
  • Japan – US$140.00 (converted to Japanese Yen)
  • Singapore – US$200.00 (converted to Singapore Dollars)
  • South Africa – US$200.00 (converted to Rand)
  • UAE – US$140.00 (Converted to Dirham)
  • UK – US$200.00 (Converted to British Pounds)
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